80’s Things We Want Today!
Aug 30,2015   Article on  2Nite

Although the world has progressed a lot since the 80’s in the fields of medicine, technology, and fried chicken, there are certain things 2Nite’s Editorial team insists are brought back from the 80’s back into the present day.



1.Mobile Phones



Today a mobile phone proves you can order your lunch to be delivered to your office through an app. Back in the 80’s your mobile phone indicated you could ask your secretary to arrange for your private jet to fly you to Paris to have lunch there. The 80’s mobile phone was a real statement. It showed REAL POWER. It showed you controlled and owned what most people could only dream of.

We need an 80’s style mobile phone back in the market ASAP!!!





Today’s games seem to be focused on isolating people. In the 80’s even solitary games would get others involved. 80’s games improved your IQ; anyone who could master the Rubik’s cube would get hired as a nuclear scientist in a shoes factory in the Maldives.





Whether you were around as an adult, a teenager, a child, an infant, or were not even born in the 80’s, you’ll know that 80’s parties were much more fun than parties today.  Hundreds of books and 3 opera plays have been written on this topic so we won’t analyze it too much. What makes 2Nite such a successful nightlife company is we always ask this question: “how would they have done it in the 80’s?” and then we do it in that way to the best of our abilities.


4.Music Gadgets



One of the biggest cultural crimes was the extinction of the Ghetto Blaster. We don’t even know what exists in the market now, blue tooth, purple ear and orange eye, whatever… NOTHING beats the Ghetto Blaster!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!




(80’s) On the one hand we have:

A group of catlike humanoids living on a tropical exotic planet who specialize in martial arts, engineering, telecommunications and fight against mutant pirates and an evil ancient Egyptian mummy who can fly and transform into a bat.

(Today) And on the other hand we have:

The item we use to wash our plates in the kitchen; only it talks and lives in the sea.





Take a look at the jackets people are wearing on the street. Can any of those jackets beat the red leather jacket Michael Jackson wore in “Thriller”? Nothing comes close.  We don’t know why these are not sold anymore.