Aug 31,2015   Article on  2Nite

August 28th 2015


Dear 2Niters,

As a celebration for our 246 Days, 37 hoursand 15 minutes of activity, we have decided to join one of the largest Techno-Raves in the world. Reporting live from the heart of Europe, we are happy to bring you the vibes, sounds, colours and people of the Zurich Street Parade.

But let us start from the beginning…




The first Street Parade was held for the first time in Zurich back in 1992, and saw the light thanks to a group of energetic youngsters willing to turn the most respectable city in Europe to a completely unreasonable mess.  How to do that? Very simple, just get the street closed down, put massive sound systemson a couple of trucks and just let the people do whatever they want.

Despite its first edition attendance of only 1,000 people, the event grew exponentially, always thanks to the organizers' passion and dedication , reaching its best in the years 2004-05, where over 1 million ravers joined the parade to share cookies and milk. (Yes, you read that right, SWITZERLAND attracts more than 1,000,000 people for a party. Crazy huh?).

According to local news and reports, also this year we have been very lucky, as the attendance has officially been of over 800,000 people.

Off course, most of them were invited by 2Nite Shanghai…





Starting with the early-stage electronic Techno in the 90’s, during the years the event grew and evolved together with its most important part, the music.

Moving forward to Trance towards the 21st century, then hardcore Jodeling with Armoniums from 1857, to the nowadays more sophisticated Deep House and New Wave Techno.

The sound of the Street Parade has always differentiated itself from others, creating a sort of cult following. Best example of this is the annual Official Anthem, always produced by a different musician, and always in synch with the latest sound trends.


The 2015 Anthem was produced by Alex Price: “Magic Moments"




The Love Trucks are the pulsing heart of this spiritual gathering. Usually around 20, every truck is a state-of-the-art moving sound system. Each of them decorated differently following a different theme, from Tarzan & Jane to fake airlines, the Love Truck boast beats all day long, moving slowly through the crowd along the designated path.

Every year the trucks are different, always offering different kinds of music and hosting international DJs.


House, Techno, Funk, Drum&Bass, Psy Trance… Whatever it is you like, just find your truck, and let the love for music do the rest.





But the Zurich Street Parade is not only a matter of music. The true essence of this orgy of the senses lies in the people who take part in it. On this day, people have the chance to come out of their ordinary life and express their true self, no matter what it looks like, giving everyone the opportunity to show their true colours. And in saying everyone, we do mean everyone.

We were lucky to also see Dr. Schwanz coming out of an upscale restaurant accompanied by 5 female models and 3 bodyguards. People were trying to get his autograph but his bodyguards didn’t let them approach the superstar Psychiatrist Entomologist playboy.

No matter what you look like or what you are, people here seem to forget to be Swiss, so nobody will actually judge you.





As the legal representative of the Justice-Party-League worldwide, it was our duty as 2Nite Shanghai to be present and participate in this event. Also because we organised it, but that was not the main reason.

We went deep down, mixing with the beautiful people and joined their restless dances all day long.

Surrounded by the timeless charm of Zurich, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we very much enjoyed discovering the local culture, hospitality and traditions.


After such a positive experience, charged of positive energy and filled with great people and music, it is time for our 2Nite reporter to move forward. See you next year at the Zurich Street Parade always with 2Nite Shanghai!!