Lies Women Tell
Sep 8,2015   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters

Today, we are both proud (and afraid) to post 7 of the most popular lies women tell. Our team of expert researchers spent the last 3 months researching women across 56 countries and regions analyzing 26,431 different lies. Our researchers concluded that the 7 lies listed below are the most commonly found, worldwide. The researchers requested total anonymity because they are afraid of women’s vengeance.


Disclaimer: We the editors of 2Nite would like to clarify that we do not necessarily agree with this study’s findings.






1.Being single  



In many cases women may tell you they are single while they tell their close friends that they have ‘options’. To be fair, this is a lie men tell also; the point here is it’s not just men that tell this lie, keep that in mind.




2. Last time she had sex   



Especially if she’s interested in you, in most cases she won’t want to admit to having done it ‘recently’ (whatever that means in her mind). Therefore she might change the dates just a little and instead of telling you the truth ‘6 days ago’, she’ll tell you ‘6 months ago’.


3. Number of boyfriends she had before 


Similar to the lie above, there are many mathematical formulas to calculate the truth.


General consensus is to take the number she mentioned and multiply it by 3 to get a more truthful answer.


WARNING:Don’t tell her you don’t believe her as you risk suffering many nasty consequences.



4. “I’m not the kind of person to get jealous”



One of the most common lies women tell men. It’s a trap to let you lower your guard, open up and tell her all those things you did or are planning on doing which she probably doesn’t like and/or won’t allow you do.


Watch her go from a smiling sweet face to a concerned and angry one as soon as you tell her or she sees these jealousy-worthy facts. As a rule, whenever you hear those words, she’s is probably lying to you and to herself. She is a person to get jealous.





5. “I don’t care about what you did in your past”

Most often she does care. She’s insecure about how she compares to your ex-girlfriends. It’s possible she doesn’t want to talk about it because it makes her uncomfortable (check and see if she looks annoyed) or she is trying to make you relax to find out what you did do in your past (check and see if she has a salesperson’s fake smile on her face).



6. “He’s just a friend, he’s not interested”



She’s referring to that guy you know is interested in her. On the one hand she might be flattered by it, but on the other she doesn’t want to feel guilty or cause any trouble amongst her and you. Therefore, the convenient thing to do is tell you the guy isn’t interested in her. Regardless of whether she is interested in him or not, deep down inside she knows very well whether the guy is interested in her or not. She just won’t admit that to you, or even to herself.



7. “I’m just not ready for a boyfriend right now”



Unless she just went through a devastating situation, this sentence is almost always a lie. What she’s doing is sugarcoating the pill so as not to offend you; after all, you might be useful as a friend (to carry her heavy grocery store shopping, introduce her to your handsome colleague, give her business tips, take care of her dog, wash her car, etc).  Bottom line, the truth is she doesn’t want you to be her boyfriend.