How to Become Rich Fast!!!
Dec 7,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,



Yesterday’s post was about art and culture but today we’re going to talk about MONEY.

Specifically, we’ll be talking about HOW TO BECOME RICH FAST!!!!

You’ve probably already read and heard a lot about the value of higher education, networking, saving & investing in real estate.

At 2Nite we think and see things differently. We believe that the key to getting rich is by being different and doing something that someone else isn’t.

Let’s have a look at 5 ways to become rich!


Sell Unusual Products


In this world there are hundreds of thousands of engineers coming out of universities dreaming of making a better phone,computer, toaster, ab cruncher, etc. If you look at the statistics, the vast majority will work in product design, R&D, sales and maintenance without becoming very rich. Why? Because they enter and fit-into well-established industrial sectors.

To become rich you need to sell something that isn’t on the market, such as:


UFO Detector


This device attempts to detect alien life forms travelling across the galaxies. It lights up randomly (supposedly because it detects UFOs). Create and sell such a product and how can anybody compete with your product?


Wiggly Eyes


Funny cheap items sell fast. Make a funny ridiculous plastic version of any human body part (if you’re thinking of something adult-themed it means you have a dirty mind) and watch your sales go up and up.


Work in Dangerous Places

Going to work where others dare not is a guaranteed method to make a lot of money. Typical examples include: Consultant in a war-stricken country, or deep-sea repairman. Other similar jobs which might not pay so well include:


Crocodile Throat Cleaner

Cobra Remover


Start Investing Young(kindergarten)

This is for parents:

Invest your kid’s pocket money into high-risk investments. By the age your child has reached 18 he or she will have become a millionaire (or have nothing at all)


Ok, actually, we don’t recommend this.


Create Unusual Niche Jobs

There’s no need to do dangerous jobs to make a lot of money. You can simply do the jobs others don’t want to do.

A job that pays well is ‘Hangover Helper’


You need to select rich clients who help recovering from their hangovers. You need to master hangover recipes (see our previews articles on Hangover Cures and prepare to become someone’s regular saviour. It’s a job which requires a broad range of skills such as discretion, attentiveness the ability to listen to other problems (“why did she leave me?”) and the ability to clean vomit of your own shirt regularly.


Make a Viral Video

You all know how this works: make a funny,interesting video and post it on a social platform which pays you per view. Never underestimate your audience’s desire to see stupid things

Typically, viral videos feature animals doing funny things, like a Turkey that sings opera:

Or Hamster food competition:

Disclaimer: as always, the above 5 points are meant for entertainment only and we assume no responsibility for anyone following putting their arm in a crocodile or doing anything else related to the post.