What Can You Do When You Can't Sleep at Nite?
Apr 5,2017   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,


At some point in our lives, we all had some troubles trying to sleep. Some because they party too much, and the electro beats still keep pumping into their ears even 3 weeks after the party. Some because they remember leaving their office without turning off their computer, their internet browser open and very, very mean colleagues still around. And some other just because they have a partner who likes to play a snoring symphony of about 8 hours, in 4 acts. EVERY. DAY. OF. THE. WEEK.
Here at 2Nite we know this problem very well, because of all the reasons you have just read. So here are 5 flawless and absolutely mind-blowing activities to do when counting sheep really doesn’t help. These things will not help either, but at least you will forget why you are not sleeping.

1: Sewing

The cornerstone of every sleep hater. Live the dream of being a one-time fashion designer and create your fabulous collection to impress your colleagues in the office the next day. No need to add more.


2: Watch a movie (Horror movie recommended)

Well, you are not gonna sleep anyway. So this is the perfect occasion to re-watch that horror movie that made you wet your pants as a child. Especially if you are at home alone. Guaranteed to keep you awake not just for 1 night but probably for the next 2 weeks.
And don’t worry about the creepy noises coming from the kitchen and from under your bed. It is probably the cat. Even if you don’t have one. Is the cat. Believe us.

3: Practicing Tip-Tap Dancing

This one is particularly recommended for people living in old buildings with very thing floors and very unfriendly neighbours. Nothing makes them like you more than keeping them awake knowing you are refining your dirty dancing skills. You might get evicted from your apartment, but hey, everyone is gonna fall in love with your new moves at the club. Totally worth it.

4: Text your ex girlfriends / boyfriends

Is there any better time to catch up with your ex, or just try to find out if they are still available or interested? Probably yes. But since you cannot sleep, there is no logical reason why they should be sleeping. It is just unfair. As the famous Greek-Bhutanese-Papuan philosopher Nino Bernarda once said: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Me cannot Sleep, so You no Sleep Too"

5: Take a nap (Complimentary after completion of at least 1 of the activities above)

CONGRATULATIONS! You succeeded in spending the night completely awake for absolutely no reason. Now, you can reward yourself with a SHORT nap of about 37.24 seconds before you need to get up and go to work….

Oh, did your nap just lasted 7 hours and your boss tried to call you 30476 times because you were not in the office? CONGRATULATIONS! Now you’ve been fired! So you will not have to worry about being sleepless anymore!

(2Nite does not take any responsibility for the loss of employment or earnings after the read of this article)


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