10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes
Oct 28,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,

You’ve run out of Halloween costume ideas and you’re not happy with the cheap gadgets and unimaginative costumes available in stores…you don’t want to wear the same boring costumes everybody else wears….so what to do?

Do not worry… 2Nite is here to propose 10 original costumes to scare and impress!

1.The Boobs


Perfect for couples, ‘the boobs’ is a romantic statement of caring,sharing and admiration of human anatomy. It is guaranteed to attract attention.





Able to withstand extreme cosmic temperatures resulting from stars exploding and being trapped in gigantic refrigerators on Pluto, Foilman is a superhero soon to appear in a major Hollywood film production by 2Nite Films & Antarctic Airlines. This suit is cheap and easy to make and reflects lighting in a nightclub.



The 3-headed dog from Greek mythology, Cerberus is a terrifying beast guarding the gates of hell. Your dog (and you) will get a lot of attention. Other dogs might be very confused though.


4.Ghost dog

If the Cerberus seems too difficult and complicated to make, there’s another, easier way to dress your dog up. A simple cloth sheet can turn your dog into a Ghost dog.  Don’t use a flower-pattern table cloth otherwise your dog will look as if it attacked your family during lunch time.


5.Psycho Ex

A truly terrifying prospect for most men is the Psycho Ex. All you need to do is hold a knife (a fake one please) and looked disappointed, jealous, infuriated, and completely insane. (For men there is the ‘stalker ex’ option for which you’ll need to wear a raincoat and hold a pair of binoculars.)


6.Lobster Baby

Probably the best way to attract women’s attention is the Lobster Baby. It’s simple: a baby dressed as a lobster placed in a boiling pot. Use this to enter a party when all women have arrived;collecting their WeChat accounts will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done.


7.God’s Gift to Women

Women desire you, you know it. You’ve always known it; they’ve always known it, too. Why? Because you’re handsome and have the body of a decathlete. So make it official, make the ladies know that it’s not your fault, it’s nature, the universe, God, who created you as a gift to them.


8.Evil Mother & Baby

Inspired by the famous horror book ‘Horrid Kindergarten’written by Henry Alfred Spook in 1642, the costume represents the mother and baby who spread pain and horror in a small English village until they decided to open a little tavern serving equally horrible food.



We’re not sure what this superhero does,but he must be evil as sugar is bad for you. Winner of the ‘Ugliest Super Hero of the Decade’, this is a costume people will not forget.


10.Old Woman & Baby

This is a very original costume which was invented in Denmark in 1972. It started out a football team mascot and became a famous children’s cartoon with millions of fans in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Honduras.