6 SHOCKING MISTAKES Men Make with Women
Nov 15,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,

After receiving 346,653 requests to write about men’s mistakes(rather than women’s mistakes), and after being threatened by the female staff in our company, today we finally reveal the 6 of most shocking mistakes any man could make.




Believing in pick-up lines

“Hi, do you have God’s telephone number, because I want to call him and tell him he lost one of his angels”


Yes, men believe -THEY EVEN PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS - to learn pick-up lines which are supposedly proven to be successful with women. They believe that ‘the perfect pick up line’ exists;those almost magical words which can be said to any woman and make burn with desire.

FACT: pick-up lines are only as attractive as the person using them. A handsome, or otherwise attractive, guy would be just as successful by saying‘hello’ in a confident, friendly, playful manner.


Too much fragrance

Some guys believe that ‘if spraying a little fragrance is good, then spraying A LOT of fragrance is very good!!!’

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Most people would assume you just had an ‘instant shower’ (spraying yourself with fragrance instead of having a real shower)

Bottom line is: by spraying too much on you’re not creating a pleasant mood; you’re just giving her a chemically-induced headache.




There are many types of ‘posing’ (showing off), and each type could be considered an art of its own.

There are guys who go to the gym and wear tight t-shirts to show their biceps for instance. When they raise their drink, when they put their jacket on, when they point in a certain direction, when they touch their hair, and when they ring a doorbell, their biceps will ‘accidentally’ tense and flex just a little bit, just enough to show any women around, how strong they are.

There are also guys who like to show off their possessions, for example an expensive watch. They talk and walk around in such a way that they watch is somehow always very visible to others; sometimes these guys look like they have an injured shoulder or broken arm.

Whether guys show of their bodies or the possessions, they are only communicating 1 thing: INSECURITY. Unfortunately for all us men, women are extremely capable in detecting insecurity. So don’t pose - it kills attraction faster than a cat eats a cat biscuit.



Unwanted hairs

Just know this: while it’s debatable which types of facial hair(clean shaven, stubble, or beard) are attractive or not, there is no debate about hairs coming out of your nose and ears.

Here’s the proof: look at any famous statue or any hero, or other legendary man. Inspect the statue by approaching very closely (if you are browsing over the internet, zoom in on the statue’s nose and ears), do you see any hairs made of stone sticking out? … NO…you know why? Because, even though it’s unfortunately a natural thing, it is extremely unappealing, in fact your chances of going out on a second date are lowered by 99.94%.

So don’t believe any old man who might tell you that nose hairs help you detect water in the desert and ear hairs help you detect earthquakes; it’s not going to help you at all!!!!



Contacting her too much

‘How much is too much?’ you may ask. The answer is if you are asking this question, you are probably contacting her too much.

Men spending their time messaging their woman of interest every morning, midday, afternoon, evening and just before going to sleep are very likely to notice the same result: women paying less attention to them.

Guys, never forger Dr. Schwanz’s rule for men #435: important men say and do important thingsand rule for men #436: “if you have something important to tell her, tell her face to face” (that means no messaging)

Tip: chatting with her on WeChat for 25 minutes about whether she’s enjoying her afternoon tea IS NOT attractive.



Being too nice

Last, but certainly not least, being too nice is the WORST mistake you could ever make with any woman.

“Shall I cancel my business trip for that 2 million dollar deal just to make sure you are not alone on Friday night when you might need me to treat you to a café- latte?”

“Shall I cancel my workout at the gym which was prescribed to me by my doctor, to help you go shopping for 5 hours to find the perfect, cutest hello kitty doll?”

If you’re a man and you ever catch yourself saying something like this, don’t worry, all you need to do is purchase the 2 items below, and wait for 6 months:

  1. Buy a large standing mirror(available in most furniture stores)

  2. Sign up for an intensive 6 month Yoga course

Why? After 6 months of intensive yoga you’ll become much more flexible, and looking in the mirror you bought you should kick yourself in the butt to punish yourself and watch it just to make sure you can both feel and see it just to make sure you never forget.



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