How Men Scare Women Away
Nov 23,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,


A topic of much discussion, are things men do that creep women out. We’re not talking about ‘mistakes’, we’re talking about things that scare women, make them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Is it that men don’t understand or don’t care? Either way…below 6 of the creepiest things men do with women…as creepy as worms crawling out of your shower drain….


1)      Looking from a distance with an evil smile

One of the scariest things a man can do is to stare at a woman with an evil smile and his mouth slightly open. Apart from rude and inappropriate, it communicates he is a predator and she a potential victim. It’s as if the specific guy hasn’t eaten in 2 weeks and the woman looks like a tasty meal. Some men make the mistake of thinking that wearing sunglasses allows them to stare without being undetected. No! It’s not cool…it’s even creepier.


2)      Too many compliments

10 minutes after meeting a woman, some men will start complimenting everything about her:

“…beautiful shoes, you really have good taste, those are really nice”

“…and your dress…it’s really fashionable…”

“…really? You work there? You must be very clever…wow, a super intelligent woman!!! Beautiful and are so talented….”

“…nice laptop…it’s very cute, cute and colourful like you”

Only one question goes through a woman’s mind when this happens: “WHAT DOES HE WANT??? Does he want to sell insurance to me or…?”


3)      Talking about sex too soon

Some men feel it’s ok to talk about sex straight away, even with people they’ve just met, whether dating or not. Not all women are comfortable with this. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this guy is looking for sex more than other guys, but it still makes most women uncomfortable and run in the other direction screaming ‘colour wolf!!!’

Tip for guys: if you’re a colour wolf, hide it ;-)


4)      Pressuring her to go out

Typical conversation:

Him: Hi, just calling to say I enjoyed our date yesterday

Her: Hi, yeah, me too

Him: So let’s go out tonight as well

Her: hmm, sorry, but I’m a bit busy today

Him: really? Oh…ok, tomorrow then…

Her: actually tomorrow I have to work on a report

Him: can’t you work on it next week? I want to see you tomorrow

Her: uh, no I can’t….

Him: Why not? Ok meet me for lunch today close to your office.  Give me your office address.

Her: I can’t talk now… goodbye (hangs up the phone)

Him: hey! Wait!…hey… (calls her back)

Guys, if you don’t have anything better to do, take up a hobby, like collecting Sumatran postal stamps from 1893.


5)      Cyberstalking

Women are seriously creeped out by guys who ‘like’ and posts comments on ALL their WeChat moments, visit their LinkedIn profile twice a day, and are generally ever-present in everything they do online.

It’s just the same as following a person on the street everywhere they go. The sad thing is that some men think this shows they ‘care’…


6)      Telling her what to wear

“Nah…you’re not wearing that tonight, that skirt is too short…”

“Mmm, no.. I don’t like that skirt…it’s too long…it makes you look old fashioned…”

“don’t wear that hat….why? just don’t wear it…”

“jeans? You’ve got to be kidding me… C’mon…you’re seriously going to wear jeans? Jeans are too old fashioned and they make you look a bit fat, so I think you should go upstairs and wear something else, I don’t like jeans”

If a guy’s been married to a woman for 25 years he might be able to get away with saying something as stupid as these without suffering some very nasty consequence (being slapped, having a drink thrown in his face, not finding any food at home for a month, his beer being hidden, being divorced…etc).

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