Nov 21,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,

As everyone, including your pet parrot knows, WeChat messaging takes up a large part of our life. Don’t deny it, it’s probably the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night…you check your chats and moments just in case you missed something.

With the good, comes the bad. With enhanced connectivity and easy access to your friends, also come people with annoying WeChat habits.


1.Too many emoticons

You know what we’re talking about, your friend who likes to post more images on his screen in 3 seconds than the numberof ideograms ancient Egyptians carved over 2000 years.

An emoticon is meant to express an emotional state, for example “I’m happy J”.Therefore, in what kind of emotional state is a person who posts every kind of emoticon known to man within 1 minute?


2.The grammar criminal

Your eyes are precious; they enable you to see the world, to see the greater things in life, nature’s wonders, a giant pepperoni pizza, or a mini basketball made out of Emmental cheese, for instance. Don’t allow people to endanger your eyes’ health by writing nonsense no one can understand. Your eyes deserve better. Encourage such grammar criminals them to use predictive typing or enable the spell check function. That way they’ll have more friends.



3.Too many ‘lol’s

Pay attention:

1 lol – you’re happy

2 lols – you’re cute

3 lols – you’re boring

4 lols – you’ve lost the plot


4.Monosyllabic replies

You know this kind of person, they either reply by single syllable or single words, such as ‘m’, hm’ en’, ‘oh’, ‘k’ ‘a?’,‘no’, ‘maybe’ ‘c’.

Unless they are a green monster, one would assume the other person has the necessary skills to string a sentence together,at least in their native language. Simplicity is one thing, chatting like you’ve got two brain cells left, is another.


5.The late responder

You’re having a chat with someone, say at 7 in the evening, and suddenly they disappear from the chat… then they continue the chat from where it stopped at 10 o’clock the next morning. As if you’re a game they paused and restarted.  


6.‘Liking’ bad news

Someone posts:

I forgot the oven on and burned down my 5 million dollar villa and the whole neighbourhood in Santa Monica, too. I’ve ruined everything…

and….people ‘like’ the moment. That’s right…they like it.

Liking someone’s unfortunate moments implies you might have psychopathic tendencies.


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