Fear and its 6 types
Nov 28,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,

At some point in our life, we all have to deal with fear. Whether it is because of scary monsters hiding under our bed, a knife-brandishing-angry-wife or just simply our mother-in-law coming over for the weekend, fear is a companion that will walk with us whether we want it, or not.


Number 1: Panic

Realising you forgot something very important is the first step to fall into panic. For example, when you are on your way to work, on a taxi, and when you arrive you suddenly realise you forgot your phone, keys and wallet INSIDE your house…

Distinctive signs are usually eyes wide open, desert-like dry mouth and incapability to think or formulate even the simplest words.


Number 2: Terror

Terror is usually the natural following to a panic attack. And usually, it happens when what caused the panic attack becomes REAL. Remembering you left the house with your oven turned on, is one thing. But finding your house burned to ashes by the raging flames of hell, is another one.

Distinctive signs are usually the same as a panic attack, only to be followed by loud screams, swearing in languages unknown to mankind and usually uncontrollable movements of the upper limbs.


Number 3: Low Battery

Being out having fun with friends, family or colleagues, is an essential part of todays lifestyle. What also appears to be an essential part of our lives, is that way too often we forget that our technological supplies have a limited lifetime, if not properly charged. The sigh of the last, tiny, red stripe of battery on our phones, when we are on ourway to a job interview in a place we have absolutely no idea about, is indeed one of the most horrific things a human should can see. Many people claim that under the effects of “low-battery fear”, they have instantly learned to curse in 27 different languages.



Number 4: 17 Missed Calls from Mom

The only thing that scared us more than the bogeyman stories as a child and our first date as a teenager.

After getting our first cell phone, the world seemed on our hands, connecting us with our friends everywhere around the world and at any time we wanted.

What most people forgot, is that ourc ellphone also works the other way, allowing other people to connect to us…

And that includes our Mothers. And seeing that she tried to reach you 17 times in the last 37 seconds, exactly when you are partying late at night with your friends, is still today, NOT A GOOD SIGN…


Number 5: User Name or Password Incorrect

Nowadays, we use technology as an integral part of our daily life. We create, delete and manage accounts on a daily basis,and most of the time we take their usage for granted.

Unfortunately, sometimes, mysterious forces just simply vanish these extremely important information from our minds. Those forces seem to be particularly powerful when the affected person is under stress, and has a very important deadline to respect.


Number 6: “We Need to Talk…”

Few things in this world, have the power to awake pure fear in a man’s heart, as this phrase has. Especially, when written in a message, after its been while since you’ve heard from you boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife…

Scientist all around the world have been studying this phrase, linking it to the memory capacity of the human brain, as only this phrase seems to enable our mind to remember EVERY SINGLE BAD THING WE HAVE EVER DONE…

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