Why are Men Always Happy?
Dec 26,2016   Article on  2Nite

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The relationships and differences between men and women’s brains has puzzled scientists, philosophers, generals, presidents, lawyers and even the guy who cleans our swimming pool, since the dawn of mankind. And probably even earlier.

It is now well known, that men have the incredible super power of shutting down their brain and isolate themselves from meaningless things. How can they do that? Well, here are 6 of the most accredited reasons…


Reason 1: Their last name stays with them forever

Whether the name is “Ng” or “Radovicnouizicioiuizcinicizich’l" doesn't really matter . In some cases, a man's last name can even speak for himself, giving his lucky owner the right to do whatever he wants just by using it. Just like that lucky guy that can get all girls he wants just by saying “Bond, James Bond”.


Reason 2: Phone conversations last 30 seconds FLAT

Business, sports, food, natural disasters,relationships, even gardening or personal hygiene. If a man gives a phone call,sure it will not take him more than 30 seconds to communicate his message. This allows him to save precious time, that can be dedicated to more important and relevant activities, such as drinking beer or ignoring his wives problems.


Reason 3: A five day vacation requires only ONE pair of pants

Bahamas? Congo? Switzerland? Easter Island? This pair of Jeans will be good in any case…


Reason 4: The same hairstyle lasts for year, if not DECADES

Have you ever noticed, that all the most important and powerful men in history, always showcased the same haircut throughout their entire life? Well, there is a reason for that. As ancient Mongolian poet “Toufa Haokan” once said: “With great hair, comes great responsibility. Avoid It.”


Reason 5: They can do shopping for 25 relatives in 25 minutes

Men greatest enemy. Shopping. But like every other battle they fight in their lives, like cleaning the dishes,changing diapers or taking out the trash, the keys to secure a total win are always the same, organisation and efficiency.

And NOBODY, literally NOBODY, has the efficiency and organisation skills of a man that has to do Last-Minute gift shopping for his family.

Reason 6: They don’t freak out when they go to a party and see someone with the same shirt. Instead they become buddies.

- “Look, that guy is wearing the same T-shirt as you…”

- “Whoa Man! Great T-shirt you got there! You like Star Wars Too??”

- “Yeah bro! I LOVE Star Wars!”

- “AWESOME! Wanna go grab a drink?”

- “Sure!”

End of story.


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