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Dear 2Niters,

Working for any type of company, you will have hear of, seen, or taken part in ‘team building activities’

Companies plan these to strengthen their workforces’ sense of belonging to a team and reaching a goal through cooperation rather than working as individuals. The basic understanding being that a team achieves more that any individual (or many individuals) working alone.

As we have just entered 2017, your company might be planning a team building activity for you to take part it.

Below we list some famous ones:


#1 Egg Drop

For this game you’ll need raw eggs (one for each group and some extra in case they’re needed), cardboard, duct tape, thin straws (40+ for each team) and a place to drop the eggs from.

4-5 teams have about 20 minutes to make some sort of cushioning out of the materials above to protect their egg from smashing when hitting the ground. The winning team is the one whose egg didn’t break and used the fewest straws to make their cushioning system.

ATTENTION: some people cheat by replacing their raw egg with an egg made of rubber.


#2 Ridiculous Cake

For this game teams are given the eggs, flour, chocolate powder, flavourings, whipped cream and other ingredients as well access to an oven to bake a cake. A minimum of 4 teams spend a whole morning or whole afternoon baking the most ridiculous cake they can think of. A panel of 3 judges determines the winner. This game requires imagination, creative skills, cooking skills, and exceptional team cooperation to create a ridiculous cake in time without destroying it.

ATTENTION: This is a VERY COMPETITIVE game that might become an Olympic sport in 2068.


#3 Clown Dinner

Employees are invited to a very good restaurant by the company’s management. They are given instructions to dress well as this event will be ‘special and unforgettable’. When they arrive someone from HR is there to inform them that there are clowns’ outfits for them to wear. Employees ‘share’ the initial humiliation of being dressed as clowns in a regular restaurant, which turns into fun when everyone realizes the situation is actually funny and relaxing.

NOTE: HR managers have fun organizing this activity (they don’t have to dress like clowns).



#4 Pillow-fighting

This is exactly what the name states. 2 teams fighting each other with pillows; usually depicted in films as a women’s fighting activity, in reality men enjoy it just as much. This activity doesn’t cultivate team cooperation but it helps individuals let go and release stress in a team environment.

ATTENTION: Any photos taken of you pillow-fighting might hurt your future career development


#5 Bathroom Deprivation

There is an urban myth that a highly unethical team building activity was carried out by a car spare parts manufacturer in Ontario Canada. The company owner took all employees out on a hiking weekend trip. Upon arriving at the mountain resort, he split employees into 2 teams sitting at two tables. After lunch was over, he announced that the game of ‘bathroom deprivation’ had just begun. The team from which a person went to the toilet first, lost and the other team won a free 2-week vacation. We tried to find out more about this story but couldn’t find any evidence to prove it ever happened.

ATTENTION: If you’re an HR manager and you like this activity you probably shouldn’t be working in HR. Do not organize this activity!

#6 Drinking (alcohol)

An all-time classic; from ancient times, most cultures around the world use this activity to cultivate a bond between people. Getting drunk and talking nonsense with a group of fellow professionals might look ridiculous but is actually a ritual practiced for thousands of years, because it seems to work.

Requires no skills other than being able to lift a glass and bring it to your mouth. Arguably the best team building task ever; has been used for thousands of years across many cultures. You don’t have to throw balls or figure out solutions to complicated problems. Contrary to most other team building activities, with this one if you can still think and speak clearly after a while, the others will assume you’re cheating (not drinking).

So next time you turn up drunk to work, you can tell your colleagues you had to drink for the purpose of team-working.

ATTENTION: If you keep asking your boss for a drinking team-building activity they might assume you are an alcoholic.


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