Colleagues it's impossible to work with
Jan 16,2017   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,



With the holiday just around the corner, you will hopefully have time to see friends and relatives, rest, party hard and get a break from your otherwise tiring daily routine.

One thing you might also be getting a break from is those people who are difficult, is not impossible to work with.


1. Always talking


Like an alarm that won’t shut,like a dozen angry dinosaurs who just saw food, like a mother in law with a list of complaints….all these things are not even close to the coworker who simply won’t keep their mouth shut unless for the purpose of chewing theirfood…


2. Never talks

You know the type of colleague: it’s the one who’s there because you see them there. That’s not a problem; the problem is they don’t talk to you even when you ask for something or when someone asked them to tell you something important. Instead of talking to you they look at you as if looking far away into the distance.


3. Useless

The secretary who doesn’t know what day of the week it is.

The colleague who doesn’t know how the photocopying machine works after 3 years in the company.

The colleague who can never answer any question apart from what time it is and usually they have to ask someone else to tell them.


4. Always eating

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is or how busy the company is, there’s always food on this colleague’s desk. Where does it come from? 


5. Super competitive

This is the “colleague” who will never EVER tell you what they’re working on but will always want to know what you’re working on. Everything is a race for this person, and in their eyes you are the competition.


6. The gamer

What is not clear is whether this person thinks nobody can see them playing games or whether they simply don’t care.


7. Always listening to music

In a world of their own…these are the colleagues who never take their earphones out of their ears…perhaps it’s because of the first type of person on this list?


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