Crazy Challenges
Feb 3,2017   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,

The holidays are over; the weather seems like it’s finally warming up a bit…spring fever is approaching and crazy party people start competing.

We present 6 types of mindless competitions we’ve found in 38 countries and 6 regions around the world.

WARNING:We do not in any way endorse or encourage any such activities. Always consultyour lawyer, your doctor, and whoever else wants to take responsibility foryour actions – (that’s not us!)


 #1 Eating challenge

A classic competition where 2 or more contestants battle it out to see who can eat the most. You might discover that some friends of yours have been training for this competition for many years (that’s why they eat so much so fast).


#2 Commando assault course

Where (usually) guys try to show how tough they are by rolling in the mud and jumping over obstacles.


#3 Office Superhero

This is a new craze which comes straight from Honolulu. Contestants challenge each other as to who will go to work in the most ridiculous superhero outfit. (tip: employers are usually not amused and most employees get a warning or get fired).


#4 Wooden karting

There’s something really ridiculous about adults racing in wooden karts. For some reason it appeals especially to drunk people.


#5 Slip N’ Slide

Simple: slide down to the end of the slide faster than anyone else. It looks like an innocent summer activity but contestants often get violent pulling and pushing to get to the finish line first. Not as safe as it looks.


#6 Unknown

We have no idea what these contents are all about…


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