Ladies:How to Detect Best Fake Friends
Feb 6,2017   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,



We've got many emails and message from female 2niters complaining about their fake “good friends”, whom they believed to be good friend but later realize it was total BS.

Today, we are going to show you how to detect these fakes in advance, to avoid getting hurt by them.


1. "Selfie-scheming b*tch"


She usually selects ugly photos of you when she posts photos of you together.Choosing a nice picture of hers is normal but if she always posts embarrassing moments of yours and nice photoshopped images of herself, then she is not a real friend.


2.Is jealous

For example, you’re both single , she feels jealous and unhappy when you find a boyfriend. We are not talking about whether she considers the guy not good enough for you. She is just jealous that you have a good boyfriend and she doesn’t.

Jealousy is evil; a good friend would be happy for you to find your true love, but a fake friend would feel you’re abandoning her moving towards your own happiness alone. She doesn’t want to pursue love on her own.


3. Shows off

She always tries to show her life is better than yours. Sharing your happiness is one thing. Showing off and looking down on others is something else.


4.Is self- centered

When she needs you to go out with her ,she’ll call you a million times. When you need her, she has an excuse not to make it. She goes out when she wants and expects you to accompany her for her own benefit, not as a friend.


5. Take men much more seriously than friends

When she breaks up, she calls you for 6 hours every night, but when she is in a relationship she just disappears.

This kind of girl would never go out with you if there’s no chance of meeting some new guys. If one day you get into an accident and need her, and she’s been invited by a male friend of hers to go see a painting at his place, she’ll choose the latter.


6. Too close to your boyfriend

If you find out that your good friend calls or sends frequent messages to your boyfriend or your boyfriend can connect to her Wi-Fi automatically the first time you go to her place, you need to be careful. A real friend would always know there’s a line between your boyfriend and herself. Of course, if your boyfriend reciprocates to her in the same manner,no matter how good the relationship you have with them both, it’s better for you to replace them both.