6 Must Have Summer Fashion Items
Jul 14,2015   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,

Last week (July 6th to July 10th)the 56th International Fashion Expo took place in Bari, Italy.
2Nite’s editorial team was there to cover the event and present to you the 6 must have fashion items for this summer.

1. PRADO Women’s Neon Green Mini Skirt

Made in: Laos

Made of: 100% Recycled Plastic

Manufacturing Cost: $ negligible

Retail Price: ¥5,350

Suggested Accessory: MIA MIA Potato Bag

2.Dolce & Coppana Men’s Summer Suit

Made in:
Antiqua and Barbuda

Made of:95% Polyester, 2% Sugar, 1% Xantham Gum, 1% Propane, 1% Aloe Leaf

Manufacturing Cost:$2.63

Retail Price:¥95,999

Suggested Accessory: Lewis Golden Helmet


3.Herpes Men’s Summer Sweater

Made in:Iceland

Made of:50% Pork Hairs, 50% PVC

Manufacturing Cost:$1.5

Retail Price:¥10,088

Suggested Accessory:MIKE Black Thunder Platform Shoes


4.LOUIS VUIPHONE Women’s Swimsuit

Made in:Indonesia

Made of:77% Spandex, 10% Vinyl, 10% Tomato Seed Extract,3% Paper

Manufacturing Cost: $0.64

Retail Price:¥9,199

Suggested Accessory:Abibas Sun Visor Hat 


5.PAUL & TUNA SailingShirt

Made in: Nicaragua

Made of:51% PVC, 48% Cotton, 1% Sheep Wool

Manufacturing Cost:$1.31

Retail Price:¥552

Suggested Accessory:Aladdin Sailing Shoes

6.ARMONEY Ladies Sports Suit

Made in: Mangareva

Made of:95% Sugar Cane Pulp, 5% Industrial Paint

Manufacturing Cost:£0.01

Retail Price:¥4,990

Suggested Accessory:Christian Libuprofen Ladies Beach Boots