What to eat before going out?
Apr 27,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,


Today, we discuss a topic that has been dividing scientists, philosophers, body-builders, plumbers and swimming pools cleaners for centuries.

“What should I eat before a heavy night out?”. This question finds roots in ancient legends and myths, passed on among old civilisations such as the nordic Vikings, who believed that hitting the club with their bellies full of food would help them endure the night and avoid hell the day after.

Nowadays, these beliefs are at the centre of big debates, with people sustaining that to avoid a hungover it would be enough to not consume alcohol.

Well, we asked out team of researches to perform a series of experiments, but the results are still far from giving us an answer.

Still, they have come up with a series of suggestions that even if they will not help you to successfully prevent a hangover, you will enjoy anyway…







By far the most accredited meal someone should have before heading to the bar. Traces and examples of street food can be found in every corner of the world and there is mention of it since the beginning of recorded history.

Being usually cheap, like this allowing thirsty souls to save money to spend on jelly shots at 4AM, is not the only thing that makes street food the perfect pre-party snack. Availability also matters, especially when you have just finished work, its 11:30PM and your friends have already gone through half bottle of tequila. Only counter effect of Street Food, in some cases and in some parts of the world, is the taste. Not that it taste bad, but being street food means a VERY STRONG TASTE. And we all know that looking for a hot girl while you could melt steel bars with your breath, isn’t really ideal….








This heavenly recipe, straight out of the Swiss Alps, it is said to have helped many on the battle against morning headaches. Many researchers and historians have tried to collect information, or prove its efficacy. Unfortunately, all of them, after a night of drinking and yodelling with the locals, couldn’t recall exactly what happened for a good couple of days after. The physical pains were absent, but apparently the amount of energy used to digest all the cheese would put the body “out of order”, in some cases leading to a state of trance also known as “Food Coma”…

Try to believe!





3: BRINNER (Breakfast for Dinner)



The concept and creation of the “Brinner” has its origins in the Greek mythology, and it is suggested that the Greek God Dionysus gave the idea to a poor farmer. The poor farmer had fallen into an endless loop of bad luck, causing him to drink all day and night consequently being unable to work his land due to the hungover. One day, Dionysus, came down from Mount Olympus and feeling sympathy for the poor farmer, told him the secret of “Brinner”: “If in the morning, after breakfast, you feel fine, then you should have breakfast before drinking. Like this, your body will believe it is morning, and it will not fall to alcohol, and therefore, you will be fine”.

Whether this worked for the poor farmer or not, it is uncertain. What is certain, is that he enjoyed the rest of his life like nobody every did before.







Does this really need an explanation? Really? Well, there is no science to support the theory about how pizza would help you endure a night out, but we all can agree how everything is better with pizza. Isn’t it? You’ll be hangover, yes, but you’ll have pizza in your stomach. And hopefully some leftover.

Fair enough.