Successful Business Meetings
May 16,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,

A key to succeeding in the world of business is how people present themselves in business meetings.

It’s very surprising to find out that even since the internet was discovered by accident under an abandoned cotton mill in Singapore in 2003, many people still don’t know what it takes to be successful in a meeting!

But have no fear! 2Nite’s editorial team has found the 6 best ways to be successful in any business meeting. 


#1 The Belly 

Researchers have indicated that, especially for men, you need to have a big belly to be convincing in a meeting. It shows you have the power (and money) to EAT.

But what happens if you don’t have a belly no matter how hard you try to get one?

The solution is simple: you can purchase a prosthetic belly which you wear under your clothes. After you wear the prosthetic belly, watch in amazement as your friends and colleagues look at you in admiration. 


#2 How to Wear a Wristwatch

They say that they watch you wear reveals what kind of person you are. The mistake most people make is wearing just 1 watch. 

Truly successful business people wear 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 watches on the same wrist at the same time. It shows you are aware of different times zones (meaning you have businesses in many countries).



#3 Speak up!

It’s quite obvious that if your voice isn’t powerful, no one will pay attention to you, in fact you might not know what you’re talking about either if you can’t hear yourself.

The solution is easy: use a handheld speaker to show you have authority. Make yourself heard!



#4 Add Motion


What captures people’s attention more than sound? Motion! If you stand still during a meeting or presentation, your audience might think you have a health problem.

Move around while you present.



#5 Add Food


A hungry audience doesn’t care what you’re talking about. They only care about when they can eat. So make sure you have brought enough quality food for everyone.



#6 Add Music



Business meetings without music are like fruit salads without fruit. 

Be brave, bring a ghetto blaster to the office!