5 2Nite Inventions!
Mar 31,2017   Article on  2Nite

1) Social Drinking Glass

Problem Description:

Most of us have been in this situation:

You are in an international meeting to close a contract for the sale of 45 tankerships with the 5 biggest delegations from Asia, Antarctica, Europe, Africa and Oceania (The American continent delegation refused to attend).

You forgot how to say ‘cheers’ in the other people’s languages (even though they told you many times). You risk looking like a fool and the 26.5 billion Yen contract you’ve been working hard to get will be lost because you will offend your international partners

Solution: 2Nite has created the ‘Social Drinking Glass’.


Step 1:you say ‘cheers’ in your own language and the system records your voice.

Step 2:You input the nationalities of the people who will attend in ‘Social Glass App’installed on your phone.

Step 3:When the glass is near your mouth, it will automatically say ‘cheers’ in the languages you selected.

Step 4:Enjoy your success; otherwise you need to go back to school.

Disadvantages: The glass might start playing the radio.

Price: 89,001 Venezuelan Bolivares

2) Talking Chair

Problem Description:

Everyone needs some encouragement to lose weight. The problem is most friends and colleagues want to be polite, so they won’t say anything to you even if you look like Homer Simpson. This way you are not aware of your problem and your appearance and health gets worse and worse.


2Nite’s Talking Chair is placed in your office; when you sit down to work itcalculates your weight and Body Mass Index. The chair starts talking to you andinsulting (or praising) you in front of your colleagues.

For example:

“You haven’t lost any weight in 12 days! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? How do you even fit through the door?”


“Well done! You’ve gained 666gr of muscle and lost 22.3gr of fat! You’re a champ, you look like a lion!”

Disadvantages: No one wants to hear about your weight issues. It only supports up to 173kg.

Price: Not determined yet.

3)‘Sleep Clean’ Sleeping Bag

Problem Description:

Camping is becoming a very popular hobby as people like to escape from the cities and live in nature for a few days, weeks, or years. Finding a place to shower is very difficult (extreme weather conditions, bears, wolves, paparazzi if you’re famous).


2Nite has created the first ever auto showering sleeping bag. All you need to do is go to sleep naked and dirty, and you’ll wake up as clean as a snowman, ready to go camping and get dirty all over again.

Disadvantages: You might wake up without any teeth (0.02%chance).

Price: $198.989

4) ‘No Dirty Walking’

Problem Description:

Most people know that polished shoes create a very good impression. In contrast, dirty shoes make you look unprofessional and unattractive. It’s very easy for shoes to get dirty due to a dirty, polluted city, or simply by stepping in shit.
Polishing your shoes at home doesn’t prevent this problem, you need a real-time solution!

Solution: 2Nite’s “NDW” wearable automatic shoe polishers:

The mechanism has:

2cameras (one at the front of the shoe and one at the back).

1polishing brush on each side

When the cameras detect dirt, the brushes are activated and clean the shoes while you walk. 

Disadvantages: The complete mechanism weighs 5.2 kg per shoe, and there is a 2% risk of electrocution each time you walk for more than 15 minutes.

Price: $45,023

5)Anti-Queuing Watch

Problem Description:

You are waiting to buy a ticket and there are 1,265 people waiting in front of you.


2Nite’s Anti-Queuing Watch looks like a watch, but in reality is simply disseminates horrible smells to make people disgusted and leave the queue.

Disadvantages: People waiting in the queue might get angry and slap you.

Price: €52.2