Why are women often late on a date?
Jun 10,2016   Article on  2Nite

 Dear 2Niters,

A topic of much conflict between men and women, most couples have argued about this at one time or another: why do women take so much time to prepare for, and subsequently are late for a date? Today we are going to reveal the truth for men’s sake.



1Dressing up



Many girls might have this experience:after leaving home, on the way out of the compound, they don’t know why but they just realize their shoes look ugly and don’t match the dress they just wore. After 30 seconds, they decide to go home and change into another pair of shoes, but it might take 10-15 mins to choose and try the other pair on. And this might happen once more, and then once more again.



2.Putting on makeup


After showering and blow-drying their hair, comes the all-important part: applying makeup.

Sometimes makeup could be a 5 minute thing, but sometimes, tragedy occurs. For example, a casual, natural style attempt would include thin and natural eyeliner; they first attempt is perfect but they second one is accidentally too thick,which means you need to make the first one thicker. In the end, a heavy makeup style is the result meaning a girl has to change her whole outfit to match it. So, 50 minutes later, a girl leaves her place with gunpowder eyes and punk style clothes.


3.Chatting with a friend


Many girls like to gossip. Ladies can relate to this: you get a call from a friend who just wanted to share some gossip about another friend of yours and you talked about that for 30 minutes. Then you told her about your life recently for another 30 minutes, and then she told you about the guy she is dating or complaining about the new stupid colleague of hers for another 45 minutes. When it occurs to you that you still have a date, you are already late by an hour.


4.Watching a movie‍


Often, a date is in the evening, which means girls usually plan or do something else in the afternoon, especially on the weekend. For example, if the date is at 7pm, what can a girl do before that? Many girls would choose to watch a movie or romantic TV series to relax. Time flies, you are still in the fantasy land the TV show created in your mind and your date might have already been waiting for you for 20 minutes.





We can’t deny that there are quite a few female workaholics in a big city like Shanghai. They have a lot of pressure from work. For them, work is much more important than a date, which means there will never be a time that they would arrive on time, and those who would want to date them need to be more patient than others.



6.To test men’s patience


Admit it ladies: sometimes you want to test how your date will react if you’re a little late. It’s a small test girls do from time to time.


You’re welcome to share your delayed date experiences, insight and complaints here!