The advantage of having a bald partner
Jun 17,2016   Article on  2Nite

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There are more and more bald guys in the city. Many have shaved their heads because of hair loss, and there are more women who would like to find a bald guy as partner.

Today we are going to talk about the advantage of having a bald boyfriend or husband.







More manly and attractive

There is a research about bald men which states “Bald guys look 1inch taller than guys with thick hair and are 13% stronger overall. " The image of bald guys is usually related to muscular and manly mage, like Jason Statham and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. These guys seem quite attractive and charming to girls.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & his gf


Jason Statham & super model GF Rosie Huntington-Whiteley








There is a Chinese saying “a wise guy usually doesn’t have much hair." Indeed, maybe it’s possible that people go bald because they used their brain too much, or some other people believe that without hair, there will be more nutrition for the brain. Therefore, beside looking more manly, being bald might mean being smarter.


Jeff Bezos,CEO of Amazon






 Looks younger

Have you noticed that it’s very hard to tell a bald guy's age? Hair usually depicts and describes people well. Hair styles can show your taste and type, and hair color and quality can show your age. So bald guys’ age is like a mystery sometimes.

Steven, the CEO of a fast food chain company said," After shaving my hair off, I don’t feel like a grandpa anymore. It’s much harder for others to tell my age."


Can you tell the difference?






More handsome with a beard

Many girls like guys with a beard, it makes them look sexier. But a face with a heavy beard and heavy hair might make you look dirty or like an uncivilized brute. (As below)

But bald guys sporting beards have a special, well proportioned look.(As below)


Which one is more attractive to you?






Saves money

How often do you wash your hair? How many bottles of shampoo do you consume per year? How often do you get your hair cut? How much do you spend on getting your hair dyed or permed? Let’s say you consume 4 bottles of shampoo per year, that’s 300 bottles in a lifetime. Getting your hair cut every month translates into 800 times during your life. But for a bald guy, it's never a problem; imagine how much money
they save.









Men who shave their head and go about their professional and personal lives normally tend to be more confident than their full hair headed counterparts. A confident bald guy comes across as super confident, and this is probably the most attractive trait in any person.



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