Signs you should Probably Go Home
Jun 22,2016   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,



As many of us may know, one of the hardest party of joining a party, is leaving. Having fun with friends and people we like, is indeed a great pleasure of everyone’s life. Yet, tho, there are certain moments where our fun overwhelms us, and puts us in a
situation where we are no longer a good company. This transition usually involves huge amount of alcohol.

But do not worry, as our team of researchers, as usual, has to help you prevent this unpleasant event. How? If you recognise any of the following signs, you should probably better go home…


You're on the phone with someone you shouldn't be. 


And probably yelling at them about something abstract that has to do with your feelings, which you cannot articulate well because you're drunk.




You find yourself telling a friend, or pretty much everyone, that you guys DEFINITELY have to hang out more.


“I love you. Really, I love you. You’re so great. You know I’ve never told you, but you are like one my best friends ever. I’ve known you for 5 minutes, but I feel like we’ve been friends for ages bro”




You keep having the thought “I bet I could totally jump over that.”


“Mailbox? I could jump over that. Fire hydrant? I could jump over that. Street food stand with several tables and people sitting around? I could jump over that.”




You start making brunch plans that will 100% NEVER happen



“Yes off course! I’ll be outside of your apartment at 11 am on the clock. Come on man, I’ll be there for sure, I love brunch. Hell no I won’t be tired. Dude, it’s only 3 and
I’ve only had few shots of Tequila, 3 glasses of Gin-Tonic and a bottle of wine for dinner.”



You realize you're just yelling. Literally EVERYTHING.





You start every sentence by saying, "Listen, listen, listen, for real, listen, OK seriously, listen."


No one else is speaking, but the train of thoughts in your mind make it sound like there is a public debate in the room. And that is why, when the incredibly important thing
you have to say about how the spicy sauce they put in your kebab the other day wasn’t actually that spicy, you have make clear to everyone in the room that you’ve got something to say.