6 Signs You Have a Lazy Boyfriend
Mar 17,2017   Article on  2Nite

Dear 2Niters,

After complaining every day for the past 5 weeks, we will post this controversial topic suggested by the ladies in our Editorial Team. We believe there is notruth in what our female colleagues have written, but in any case, we will postthis today for everyone to see the absurd claims and unrealistic.



1. Dinner



Early in the week he arranges a dinner with you on Friday. On Friday night hesuggests a place close to his place (warning sign no1). You ask him where theplace is and he replies “it’s a surprise!” (warning sign no2). He asks you to go to his place and go from there to the ‘secret place’. When you arrive he tells you “bad luck honey, the secret restaurant is fully booked/closed/turned into a garage / destroyed by the typhoon, so let’s eat in instead”. At this point your blood pressure is getting high and you want to insult him. As he sees you’re getting upset, he tells you ‘I’m going to cook a special meal for you’.When you ask him what it is, he says ‘it’s a secret’. 5 minutes later he is looking in his refrigerator to see what’s there. 7 minutes later he is looking for the telephone number of the closest pizza place. 10 minutes later he is trying to find where you have gone.


What to do:

Refuse to meet him at his place before going out. This way he has to organize himself and make real plans. If he doesn’t make the plans, make your own plans.


2. Messy Restaurant


Your boyfriend takes the rubbish out once the rubbish has piled up and formed a little mountain for cockroaches and ants to go on mountain climbing expeditions to the top.

His fridge has bread which used to be fresh 3 months ago. The milk is turning into blue cheese and the fruit is turning into a mutant life form.


What to do:

Take photos of his apartment and file an official report to the hygiene department claiming your boyfriend’s apartment is a threat to international health.



3. Text Messages


He texts you once or twice a week. At first you thought it was because he’s cool or too busy. At least those are the excuses he gave you. In reality he believes there’s no point in messaging you since he’ll tell you what he wants to tell you when he sees you. If he doesn’t message you he’s being lazy and disinterested, there is no excuse.


What to do:

Don’t text him either. Plain and simple. Suddenly you’ll notice his interest going up and him messaging you more often.


4. No Plans


Holidays, work, life in general. He has no plans for anything. This is very tiring for you not just because you are thinking of a future with him, but mainly because it is SO BORING. Remember, when your boyfriend says ‘I don’t have a plan’ he really means ‘I’m going to do what I did last week, and the week before that, and the week before that’.



What to do:

Complaining doesn’t work, it will probably make him hostile and make him plan something as if it’s a favour for you. Early in the week ask if he has a plan for the week or weekend. If he says ‘no plan’, say ‘ok’, and make your own plans. When that time arrives and he contacts you, tell him you are not available because you already made your own plans but that you’d be happy to see him next week if he has a plan. If he doesn’t change, it’s probably time for you to find another boyfriend.



5. He Rarely Picks You Up or Drops You Off


“It’s raining / I’m working / there’s no taxi at this time / my car is being repaired/ etc”. He has many excuses not to pick you up or drop you off with his car or by taxi.  Unless you live or work very far away, this is actually not a sign of him being lazy; this is a sign of him not being very interested in you.


What to do:

Find another boyfriend.


6. Plays Video Games on Holiday


So you’ve managed to plan a holiday together, you’re staying in a beautiful resort in Thailand. A beautiful almost paradise-like beach stretches in front of yourroom, a huge swimming pool to the side and a beautiful tropical style bar-restaurant 200 meters away. However, your boyfriend stays in bed until midday. His excuse “it’s a holiday, we’re supposed to relax’’. To make things even worse, his intentions to stay in bed are not because he wants to get romantic with you, it’s because he plans on reading sports news and playing video games.


What to do:

Make sure when he wakes up you are already out enjoying your holiday.